Creativity is a powerful force. Some people must create in order to exist, a drive stronger than simply being. And Carol Keutenedjian is one of them. Born in 1981, the Brazilian designer graduated in Business Management (2005) and had stints in the financial and hospitality markets before turning her creativity to jewellery full-time. An architecture lover, she also delved into interior design before founding Epiphanie in 2009.

To her, fashion and architecture go hand in hand. Both search and explore two fundamental parts of our lives: body and spaces. Every ring, necklace, earring is also an architectural exercise, transforming energy, conducting metals, and drawing new structures for the skin.


From the Greek epiphainein, meaning 'to reveal', epiphany (or epiphanie, in French) relates to a moment of sudden revelation or insight. From the instant click of connections to the surrender to beauty. Epiphanie is a Brazilian handmade jewellery brand born from Carol Keutenedjian's daydreams, with a lightweight innovative design inspired by great architects. With elegant curves, the pieces are ergonomic and organic: wearable, timeless architectural creations that connect themselves back to nature.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the brand can now be found in Europe (Monaco). Since one of the foundations of the brand is to honour the Earth, Epiphanie uses only responsable gold (following ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards) and ethically sourced gemstones. Carol's design questions the traditional jewellery structures, challenging our eye: gems and stones stay magically afloat, curves turn inside out. Daring, modern pieces that have enchanted many Brazilian fans already.