Sustainable Future

By partnering with responsible gold miners and suppliers, Epiphanie celebrates its relationship with the land.

In recent years, sustainability has become a prerequisite in the fashion industry, and there's no difference in the jewellery world. For Epiphanie, connection with the land is an essential pillar; therefore, the brand has increasingly invested in best practices in its supply chain, in the use of materials, and in encouraging upcycling.

Periodically, the brand has encouraged reuse by inviting customers to take pieces they no longer use to the showroom, for a goldsmith to carry out purity tests on the metal and revert the value (according to weight and purity) to the purchase of new Epiphanie pieces. From there, the gold is purified – through high-temperature fusion, the material is separated from the other metals that make up the alloy – and returns to the atelier to enter the process of manufacturing a new jewel.

In addition, the jewellery company is a partner of responsible mining companies, including Brazil's Paraiba Mine, Belmont Emeralds and Cruzeiro Mine – all Brazilian companies and suppliers of rubellites, emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, respectively. The three also share a dedication to good social and environmental practices, such as caring about the well-being and health of miners, offering fair wages and fair working hours, benefits and training.

The polishing process is also an essential concern of the mining companies, and in the three companies, employees learn techniques internally. In addition, reforestation and recovery of degraded areas give a destination to the extracted non-precious material. All so that the jewellery store continues to create transparency and a constant look towards sustainability